Believe I Am Training Journal Followup

Well as you all know I have been recording my workouts in a training journal the last couple months. It has been an awesome experience and I have enjoyed sharing with everyone!! Here is a recap of my experiences and goals for this month…that’s right I am not stopping. I love this journal way too much :)

I have always been a strong believer in writing down your goals. For some reason seeing them in writing right in front of you can be the motivation you need to get out the door! Since I have been writing in my Believe I Am Training Journal my motivation has been taken to a whole new level! I already loved writing before but now I am excited to go workout and write about it in my journal. Here is a photo of my January goals and workouts so far..

Jan training journal

My overall experience these last couple months with the training journal have been awesome. I love how small the journal is and how I can just throw it in my purse or even my gym bag. One of my favorite things about the journal is all the “how to” and inspirational messages throughout. Everything looks like Lo & Ro literally wrote it in your journal just for you. It has that awesome personal feel!

I will definitely be purchasing another one once this one is full. And I have a feeling I will be getting a box to keep my old ones in. It is really neat keeping journals like this and then going back and seeing all that you have accomplished. Seeing how far I have come makes it that much easier to push harder and be the best I can be!

Do you use a training journal? If not please come check out the Believe Training Journal and Sisters In Sports!


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